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Tools For Vision Independence
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  • Living With Low Vision Blog

Our Products

We know the importance of selection and choice and present products that are of high quality and durability. The Low Vision Store is pleased to offer Electronic Magnifiers, Hand-held Magnifiers, Text-to-Speech Devices, Computer Solutions and Previously Owned and Sale Items.


IBIS HD is a unique, extremely sharp, high definition electronic magnifier that is elegant in design, functionality, and image clarity. It is the new generation of High Definition reader. We are proud to be the North American importer of this remarkable innovation from Denmark.


For sixteen years, Ken Twergo and Patty White have embraced customer service as the heart of their business and the reason for its success. They understand that needs are often identified slowly. Take a look into their file of thank you letters.

Welcome to The Low Vision Store

Thank you for visiting this website. The Low Vision Store offers an array of products for vision independence. For sixteen years owners Ken Twergo and Patty White have shared their expertise and compassion with those challenged by macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and other sight-challenging conditions. They work worldwide from offices and a showroom in Vancouver, Washington, just minutes from the Portland International Airport.

Their uniquely personal low vision venture began with Patty’s unexpected loss of detail vision due to macular edema. Their work over the years has earned them the gratitude of thousands of families and the trust of doctors, manufacturers, agency counselors, and teachers who help guide people dealing with vision impairment.

Always on the alert for the highest quality and design, they now import directly one of the most unique and transformational high definition vision aids in the world, the Danish-made IBIS HD.